At Apis our mission is to make our Pure and Natural products a Part of your every day life

state-of art Processing Plant

Our processing set up has been set to meet all European Union Standards with a capacity to process 100 tonnes per day with a homogenization capacity of 120 MT’s and ltration capability up to 5 microns at each of our three factories.

A capacity to hold 5000 MTs of Honey in a controlled climatic conditions Apis India annually deals in 12000 Mts with an annual growth of 30%.

state-of art laboratory

A world class laboratory set up that stringently holds extensive quality control assurances to meet a product of international standard. All production facilities are aligned to the ISO 22000;2005 Standards from procurement to processing and till final delivery. Robust Q C procedures have been put forth with well documented process that ensures traceability till the bee keeper level.

The labs tests for antibiotic traces and various other parameters to meet the strict product requirements as laid down by our various buyers with a clear focus to deliver quality food product.

filling & bottle packing

Our bottling plant is equipped to handle small packing in 6 gms to 4.5 kg packs while it also caters to bulk packing requirements from 25 to 230 kgs.

We offer Blister; Glass bottle, Pet Jars (Bear and Hexagon shapes), Up side down bottles and Squeezy bottles.

Blending the Perfect Brew

Our Tea leaves are sourced from the best gardens to ensure high quality and freshness. The fresh green tea leaves are laid down for Withering in order to take off the moisture content and allow flavors to develop. For further Intensification of leaves, they are oxidized under huge Oxidation floors of our tea processing plants. Rolling then shapes our tea leaves in the right form which are then dried, aged and packed to exhibit Taste and Aroma.

Each of these processes, is carried out in a climate controlled facility to avoid spoilage and maintain the perfect texture and flavors.

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