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Chocolate Laddoo


1. 3 Chappaties Leftover.
2. 3 bread slice Leftover.
3. 8- 10 biscuits.
4. 1 cup Apis Choco Flakes.
5. ½ cup milk.
6. 6 tbs sugar.
7. 100 gms dark chocolate.
8. 1 tbsp cornflour.
9. 1 tbps butter or ghee.
10. ¾ cup chopped dry fruits.
11. 2 cup coconut powder.
12. 2 tbsp cocoa powder.
13. 2 tbsp drinking chocolate.


1. First churn bread, chapati, biscuits and chocoflakes in a grinder all separately.
2. Now In a non-stick pan put chapati bread biscuits cornflour all churned well.
3. Now put on low flame and roast for 4/5 mins. Off the flame.
4. Now add cocoa powder drinking chocolate...
5. Now in another pan keep milk for boiling add sugar.
6. Put the chocolate lump keep stirring till the chocolate melts.
7. Add little by little corn flour and stir well till you get a thick paste.
8. Now add butter and off the flame.
9. Now add this paste to the churned mixture and mix it well till it forms into a a dough.
10. Keep the dough in freeze for 1/2 hour to let it become little hard.
11. Now take sum dough flatten it a but with the help of your palm.
12. Put sum chopped dry fruit in the center give it a round shape like a ball.
13. Now roll it over coconut powder.
In this way make all the chocolate balls and keep in freeze.
14. Keep it in airtight jar can be preserved for 8-10 days.